Giovanni Anastasini Presents

About Us


tent 92 feet round rent it or we provide full show

thisstate of the art European tent is 92 feet round , 66,052 Square feet 

it has round trussing on the top you can hang lights ,speakers ,aerial acts ,and more 

this tent you can rent for your event or we can provide a full produnction  show 


72 feet round tent ,

this tent is 70 feet round 37,668 Square feet inside  great for events , Partys  shows, meetings , and more 

it only needs 100 X100 space to set this one up 


Inside our tents

let your imagination  go you can bring 

anthing you can imagine in our tent 

from wedding resection, meeting,

tv  commercial , circus theme , cirque them ,  concerts , dinner shows , fun raiser,

and more